Adult LiveBall

Liveball – a doubles-style game in which pairs compete to gain and maintain control of a “champion” side. the challenging team must win four points before the champion team wins two in order to move to the champion side. Each challenge starts with a fed ball and a cross-court shot, followed by plenty of fast-paced doubles action;

LiveBall is a 1.5-2 hour continuous doubles point. It is fast paced, fun, competitive, amazing doubles training, and a phenomenal cardio-work out. Warning: it can quickly become addictive!

We have LiveBall clinics for all levels: beginner through advanced and everything in between. We regularly have ex-professional and top division one players mixing into our highest level clinics. Please watch our short video above to see how fun and exciting LiveBall can be!

Benefits of LiveBall:

  • Stellar Cardio Workout
  • Competitive¬†for All Levels
  • Improves Doubles Game
  • Heightens Reaction Speed
  • Sharpens Passing Shots
  • Develops Footwork and Agility
  • Fun and Social!

4 Courts of LiveBall at the Palisades Tennis Center

 Tennis Center Schedules: